A Cost Free Business’s

A Cost Free Business – Car Boots – Garage Sale


If you don’t have any money to buy any stock, start with a car boot or garage sales. Go through your attic, cellar, garage, or anywhere else that you might have stuff that you don’t really need

A good rule is that if you haven’t used it for 2 years, you’re not going to use it. Anyway, you can always buy another when you are rich.

Your rubbish is just what someone is looking for. If you still haven’t got enough stock, ask your family and friends.

They are usually very pleased to have a good clearout without having to go to the skips.

Old tools are a brilliant seller. Save money, don’t pay for a space at a car boot if you are short of cash. Set a wallpaper paste table up at the entrance to your garage, or, if you haven’t got one, set it up in front of your house.

Use your computer to print out enough flyers (leaflets) to distribute around your neighbours and the surrounding streets. I was really surprised how many came the first time I did it.

Once you have earned enough money, the big money makers at all markets are the hot food, and drinks vans.

gold tip!!! As soon as you get to the pitch, buzz round all the other sellers as they are unpacking, and buy any top named trainers or footwear.

Take them home, thoroughly clean them (in the washing machine after removing thick dirt) replace the laces if necessary.

Take some classy photos, and sell them on ‘e-bay’. You will be surprised at the price they will pay. Charge for shipping. This rule also applies to famous brand name baby clothes.


A Cost Free Business – Car Cleaning


If you are going to be mobile, you will need several big buckets, a good hosepipe, several big sponges, chamoi leather, and some cheap washing up liquid for the outside, and ‘Decosel’ for plastic or leather upholstery, if you offer a valet service.

Cotton wool buds are excellent for getting into those fiddly places. Offer to wash peoples cars outside supermarkets whilst they are shopping, (check that the supermarket has no objections) or go door to door, or car sales lot to car sales lot…they get tired of washing their cars every day.

Alternatively rent a piece of land or yard and eventually employ a willing foreign worker. You will require a water supply, and consider some form of recycling. This will save you a lot of water rates, as well as get you good publicity.

Once again, I repeat, wear the correct clothing, look professional and portray efficiency, and give confidence.


A Cost Free Business – Cleaning: Blocks – Paved Drives – Paths


To increase the water absorbtion into the ground in flood risk areas, many councils insist on block paved drives rather than concrete or tarmac.

Again, they look great when first laid, but soon get weeds and algae growing on them.

The weeds can be easily pulled out by hand, and the algae is even more easily removed with a bucket of water with a tin of caustic soda dissolved into it.

Dip a besom brush and just sweep the algae away. Alternatively, use a pressure washer.

This will blast the grit sand out of the joints, so always take a couple of bags with you, bought from any builders merchant.

When the blocks are spotless clean, they can be treated with an extremely hard wearing acrylic coating.

Once again, bought from any good builders merchant. Like the PVC cleaning, this drive will show up all the neighbours and get you repeat work.


A Cost Free Business – Door to Door – Pub Selling


This is definitely one of the best and quickest way of making money. It is much much better to take your business to the customer rather than waiting and hoping that they will come to you. Fortunes have been made from door to door. Just look at Avon, double glazing, utility companies, Provident, etc etc.

Optimise the time of the year ie: Valentines Day to sell roses or chocolates, or fluffy cuddly teddy bears. Get the guys in the pub whilst their wife or girlfriend is sat with them…pure blackmail!

Christmas and party time sell party poppers. Or buy sweets and rebag them, and sell them all year round. You may think that you are too shy for this approach but, this often endears people to buy from you…and the shyness doesn’t last long when you see the cash coming in.


A Cost Free Business – House Cleaning


You don’t need to supply anything for this, except elbow grease. Earn extra by taking in washing and ironing (often for single men).

Remember that many small businesses need cleaners for their offices or showrooms. just ask, it doesn’t cost anything.

Start by placing postcard size advertisements in all the local shops that provide this service. Many supermarkets also provide ad spaces, usually just inside the store.


A Cost Free Business – Leaflet Distribution


Every business needs publicity. Leaflets really work,and are pretty cheap to print. But, everyone has a problem getting them distributed around the houses. So, if you don’t mind walking or have a dog that loves walkies, this is your means of starting up.

Get several leaflets from different businesses and make real money. Try a small ad in your local newspaper, or contact the printers of the leaflets that have already come through your door. There is afast turnover in distributors.

For large company leaflet distribution, you will need more help. You can make even more money by paying your helpers less than you charge. Get your helpers by placing a free ad on ‘Gumtree’ or the small shop postcards, requesting part-time workers.

Repeat this ad many times in order to build up a name and address list to call upon at a later date. Once you have sufficient helpers, apologise to the extra callers, and still take their details for later.


A Cost Free Business – Painting & Decorating


I said ‘and/or’ because painting will also include exterior house painting. If you haven’t got a head for heights, perhaps this is not for you.

Because of the expansion in Do-it-yourself (DIY) and the proliferation in television programmes which appear to perform a miracle in 1 hour, many people do their own decorating.

I personally I wouldn’t pay these TV decorating people in washers…it’s only a programme!

Back to the real world. There are still lots of people who are too rich, too busy, or too old to do their own decorating, to make it worthwhile.

Like all the other jobs before, the secret is to do a good job and charge a realistic price. Your customers will be proud to show off your excellent work. They won’t complain about the price if their house looks better than the neighbours…a touch of the Mrs. Bucket’s, oops, I meant Mrs. Bouquet.

Now for the serious bit. Like many of the previous jobs, you must lay out a little bit of money to buy the necessary tools. For those of you who are really down at the heel, borrow some until you can afford your own.

When you do buy new tools, buy the best. The saying goes, “A good workman doesn’t blame his tools”. What the saying doesn’t say is that a good workman never buys rubbish tools in the first place.

Good tools feel good in your hand, are stronger, and fit for the purpose. In the case of painting, quality brushes have longer, thicker, evenly smooth bristles that don’t fall out. This means that they hold more paint, lay it on more smoothly and therefore does the job quicker and better. This saves you time, and time is money.

Take time to learn to ‘cut in’. This means when you are painting down the edges of the architraive, or where the wood joins the glass on windows and doors.

Master this and you won’t have to waste countless hours laying on masking tape. This is rarely a good idea as it often pulls off the paint that it has stuck to. Professional decorators rarely, if ever, mask their work.

This of course means buying several different sizes of brushes. The right tool for the job. As with all home improvement works, the biggest secret to doing a good job of work is to prepare well. Allow at least twice as mmuch time for the preparation.

In this case, the sanding down, filling, and final finishing sanding.

You can’t fill holes with paint…oh no you can’t! Finally, you are working in someones home, their castle, so always treat it as a palace.

Clean up after yourself and leave it every day as if you hadn’t been there. Many people will say it doesn’t matter, they will do it after you have gone. Don’t listen to them, they are just being polite in most cases, so clean up, and get brownie points.


A Cost Free Business – PVC Cleaning


The new gleaming white upvc double glazing and patios look terrific when first fitted, but soon look grubby after a harsh winter.

Trouble is, they can’t be cleaned with normal detergent. Buy a bottle of special spirit cleanerfrom PVC manufactures or builders merchants and go round cleaning window frames, soffits, gutters, and doors.

You should make £150 – £300 per day. Practice on your own first. Take plenty of clean cloths. After cleaning one house, it will make all the neighbours houses look dirty and you will finish up cleaning the street.