Learn to Build – Extend Your Home

Learn to Build – Extend Your Home


Don’t waste this recession. Your home has probably lost value or should I say It hasn’t lost value it has just had its sale value lowered by the same estate agents who talked the price up in the first place to an inflated level and thus helped to cause the recession that we are all experiencing now.

Use this stagnation period to increase your house value by as much as £30,000 – £60,000 by building an extension or converting your loft.

Did you know that the government in September 2008 made it easy for anyone to do any of these modernisations without planning permission?

Yes it’s true, and you don’t even have to have plans drawn but, unless you’re an experienced builder, I wouldn’t recommend starting without plans.

The plan drawer should know all the latest eco insulation requirements demanded by your local planning authority.

I emphasise that he should know but, the eco laws are being changed and upgraded continuously.

I truly believe that some of the building inspectors are struggling to keep pace with new regulations.

You may think that my suggestion to carry out these works yourself is crazy or simply outside your ability or financial means.

Neither is true. One of our ‘provenmoneymakingmethods.co.uk’ members (Keith) is 65 years young, retired and “blind“, helped by his good friend David 55, together they have over a period of  8 months built a 2 storey extension, through the wettest summer on record (2009) view their photographs in the Gallery.

Firstly let me dispel the ‘lack of ability’ fiction. It doesn’t take any ability to measure out 3 metres 10′ from the back of your house and dig a trench about 600mm 2′ wide by 1200 4′ deep, just a bit of common sense and a lot of elbow grease.

As for the financial means, it’s amazing where the money comes from once you get started. As the Chinese say, “the longest walk begins with just one step”.

Because you are probably inexperienced and slow, the money gradually comes as you work, trust me.

Would you be surprised to hear that a builder could quote you around £60,000 to build you a 3 metre out full house width 2 storey extension whilst you could do it for around £9,000 yourself?

The cost obviously varies depending upon which materials the planners in your locality specify, or what your personal preferences are.

What are the Rules?

Basically, for a rear house extension 1 or 2 storeyed, you must have a rear garden or yard with a length of not less than 10 metres approx 33 foot.

A side extension can be only a single storey (without planning permission) and extend out to half the width of your existing house ie if your house is say 8 metres 26′ wide, you can build out sideways 4 metres 13′.

Remember, most councils prefer pitched roofs, not flat. Personally I wouldn’t use a flat roof unless I had absolutely no other alternative.

They almost always start to leak after a few years if you are lucky, if you aren’t, they leak even sooner.

There are new acrylic or rubber flat roof coatings that are more successful than the old hot bitumen and felt but, I havn’t used them so, can’t comment.