Learn to Build – The Planning Process

Learn to Build – The Planning Process


Construction Process

Before you begin any work except possibly marking out where you are going to dig, you must obtain a ‘Building Notice’ from your local Building Control office at the Planning Department in your Town Hall or Civic Centre.

You can easily download it from the Building Control on the local Council web site. It’s not a complicated form to complete.

You will see that they state that plan drawings are not obligatory but, advisable to check suitability and dimensions of chosen materials.

If you don’t want the expense of Plans, it is a good idea to check out what others have done in your street or locality.

Councils usually demand that your outside materials match the local norm.

One of the questions on the form asks if your drains (from your toilet) are within 10 metres of a main sewer.

You can find this out for free from your local water authority or, the planning office have the layouts on their computer.

After completing the Notice you must take it to the Building Control office and pay the charge for the building inspections.

The Building Control charges are based on the estimated cost of the build…no, not what it’s really going to cost you, but on what they estimate a builder would charge.

You can commence the preparation work after 48 hours from submitting the notice.

Right from the digging of the foundations trench, it is strongly recommended that you ask the opinion of or advice of the building inspector (B.I.) at every stage of the build.

They might appear a bit surly or downright stroppy but, be nice and get them on your side and they are the best friend you could ever have.

They can save you a fortune in not having to do a job twice, and tell you which are the best materials to use.

Don’t try and cut corners by trying to trick them, it really isn’t worth it…if they think that you are trying to make a fool of them, they can make you a lot of work.