Buying Valuable Domain Names to Sell

Buying Valuable Domain Names to Sell


The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to carry any form of stock. It is like taking a large superstore on a rental of around $150/£100 per year lease and, getting lots of famous top brand name businesses to stock it for you and, their staff doing all the selling. In return for you allowing them to be there, they pay you a commission of 3% – 60%.

All you have to do is get people to go to your superstore.

Your superstore could carry a larger variety of stock than even Amazon. Anything from a penis enlarger to a fabulous cruise, a bouquet of flowers to an investment fund for your grandchildren. The opportunities are virtually endless.

There are already many affiliate marketing sites on the internet, some making very little money, and some making millions. All you must do, is think of an original idea to draw visitors to your website.

I say, “All you must do” with tongue in cheek, as this is like saying, “all I must do is find a fairy at the bottom of my garden” and all my wishes will be answered.

The annoying and tantalizing thing about this statement is that it is true. Like ‘facebook’ or ‘twitter’ they weren’t really original or super complicated, but they caught the attention of millions of people, and now they are worth billions not millions.

The chances of this happening to you is exponentially remote, so what do you do? Start with the simple intention of making a little extra cash and use this as a learning period.

Your first ideas may not earn you anything, but don’t let this put you off. Many of today’s tycoons went bust at least once, but they used these experiences to learn from their mistakes.

Colleges often cost more than the university of life. You could waste a load of money and valuable life learning from other peoples experiences. This is all you get when you get advice from so-called experts. There is no substitute for hands-on experience. Don’t listen to me, just do it!

Think of a product you want to promote. Take the word that best describe the product such as “slim” or “slimming” for a slimming product.

Sounds obvious so far, doesn’t it? Now check google keyword tool for a keyword phrase that returns a search number of 10,000 – 30,000 and try a domain search for a matching phrase plus .com and if you are lucky, buy it.

Get a host for your site, such as “namecheap” and download a free theme from “wordpress” and you are up and running.

Transfer all your unique content that is going to attract visitors to your site, and wait for the money to pour in.

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