Choosing a Domain Name for Search Engine Optimisation

Choosing a Domain Name for Search Engine Optimisation


This is often thought to be the most important decision you will have to make. There are several reasons for this.


1) It has to tell the web searcher that he or she has got the right site before he or she even clicks on it, eg. “” or “”.


2) A good domain is valuable real estate, Even if your website doesn’t make you rich through its main idea, you might be able to sell your domain name for many thousands of dollars.


How to choose that perfect domain name


What are the words you would use to search for the information on your site.

Type in Google search bar “google adword keyword tools” and in this site type your chosen search words for your future site.

You ideally want a monthly search result or suggested keyword result of around 10,000, not millions.

Test out a few unusual adwords suggestions. It might not be what you would have typed to search, but someone has.

Once you have come up with a few possibles, go to “namecheap” and try a search for these chosen keywords as they are called.

You want one with .com if possible. If the day comes when you want to sell your domain name, the .com’s sell the best and get the best prices.




When ‘search engines’ as they are called, such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Bing, crawl over website, they are looking for relevant words that match what people are searching for.

Some of these words are hidden, but you have put them in the keyword section when you built your site, but the search engines can see them. You increase the potency of these keywords by cleverly including them in the copy (the text that can be seen and read on your pages eg. Like this you are reading now).

A ‘keyword’ can actually consist of several words. The ones that consist of several words are called ‘long tail keywords’. Eg. It could be as simple as ‘money’ but this would return around 1.23 billion results.

You would really struggle to get your website noticed in this lot. Now if you lengthen it to ‘money making’ the search results drop to 439 million.

A big drop, but still way too many to be competitive. Again we add one more word ‘moneymakingmethods’ and now the results drop to 13 million.

You can see the massive drop each time we make the keyword one word longer.   In this example, each extra wordreduces the number of search results by a factor of 11.

This rule doesn’t apply to every search term or keyword so, experiment and try as many as possible before searching ‘namecheap’ for your perfect domain name.

Try and think sideways to reduce your competition even further. For instance, if you have a love of fishing, using ‘angling’ would reduce the search results by around 230 million from 238 million to 8 million.

This would be still too many for you to have a chance to be on the first page of Google, but you can see that just a simple term change can make a difference of 3000%.

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