A Business From Nothing

A Business From Nothing


If you have ever dreamed of having your own business, this is where it starts.

The hard reality first. Nothing can be built on sinking foundations. Debt is a sinking foundation. The interest paid on debt always dwarfs interest paid on credit.

Banks pay you 3% on your savings in their coffers whilst charging you 18% to borrow on a credit card. Knowing these facts makes absolute basic common sense to start by eliminating all debt.

Earn as much cash as you can, do any job, live like a monk, and pay off any debt. This is the first leap, the first test of your will power and determination.

As your debt is diminishing, gain strength from the knowledge that you are proving you have what it takes. This knowledge should make you feel happy. This is the first building block of success.

  • Psychology of success.
  • Success attracts success.
  • Happiness portrays success.
  • Happiness attracts, unhappiness repels.
  • Think rich, be rich, get rich = attract riches.
  • Happiness confuses your doubters & opponents.
  • Think happy, radiate happiness.
  • Think in £000′s or £000,000.

All whilst being lean and mean. Not ‘mean’ as in nasty & stingy, but, economic, drive for a bargain. Never such a hard bargain that it leads to hardship for the seller, no matter how much leverage you have over them. Always allow them a living as well.

Foster goodwill in all your dealings and make people feel happy to deal with you.

If, this appears simplistic…consider this: full pubs attract more customers than empty ones, full restaurants attract more customers than quiet ones.

If both these cases are equal in every way ie. Both pubs sell the same beer at the same price, both have karaoke, and so on for the restaurant.

Why are we attracted to the full one? Then a year or so later, the customers move to the other pub, or yet another.

I am not trying to analyse why the people move en mass, only that they do. A full pub/restaurant, or any other business, not only is successful but, also radiates success. This exponential curve of success starts at the proprietor of the business.

Admit it…you know it’s true…we are all attracted to happy successful people.

You are free of debt so let’s start earning lots of cash.

There are many legal ways to make money. Although legal, I do not include ‘lotteries’, ;horse racing’, or any form of gambling. I’m fully aware that a ‘lucky few’ make money out of some of these pursuits but, for every one who wins…there are millions who lose.

To have an odd flutter can add a bit of spice to life, a chance to dream. Just so long as you remember that it is only that, and you don’t sit back and rely on it.

I’m sorry to dash your dreams, but making real money is serious business and shouldn’t be gone into with starry eyes. This is where we kiss goodbye to the ‘get rich’ dreamers.

First Rule: There is no easy way to get rich. It’s a science. If anyone tells you otherwise, they are lying, fantasising, or trying to scam you.

Take a look at all the famously rich people that you know about. For instance, Lord Sugar. Alan Sugar began as a teenager, working for himself, trailing from shop to shop all day long selling car aerials and electrical goods.

He later started AMSTRAD (Alan Michael Sugar Trading) manufacturing Hi-fi’s and eventually computers, and we all know the rest. Now worth an estimated £830 million and still working.

Richard Branson, now worth an estimated £1.5 billion began by publishing and selling a magazine called “Student”. He then went on to buy cheap records in France and sell them from the boot of his car.

Later, he opened a record shop in Oxford St. and made enough money to buy a mansion where he had sufficient space to convert rooms into a recording studio, which gave birth to Virgin Music.

Despite being heavily fined and almost imprisoned for tax evation, he continued and opened the chain of Virgin Mega Stores. After making enough money this time to start Virgin Airlines, and the rest is history.

You probably already know these 2 short biographical examples but, I mention them only to show just how hard you must work to get real wealth. They had the mental power and strength of their belief, backed up with steady continuous hard work.

Before I continue further with observations, advice,and suggestions, truthfully ask yourself if you have sticking power. Can you face working 16 hours a day for sometimes 7 days a week? They did…and more.

I ask you to consider just how rich you want to be. You can get rich by working for someone else, or working your way up the corporate ladder and gradually increasing your share holding. Alternatively, you can generate your own wealth and build a portfolio of shares or properties.

Where Do I Start?

Of course, this depends where you are starting from. Take the two examples above: Alan Sugar came from a poor working class family who lived in a council house, whereas Richard Charles Nicholas Branson came from an upper class family.

His father was a barrister, grandfather Sir George Arthur Harwin Branson High Court Judge and Privy Councillor. Not exactly equal beginnings.

Now, because there are more people who come from Sir Alan Sugar’s background, I am going to assume that you have very limited spare money to start any business.

Let us take a look at afew different ways of making money. First we will start with businesses that can be started with absolutely no, or very little stake money.

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A Business From Nothing

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