Making Money On-line

Making Money On-line


This is the money making method that really does need its own special section. Used to its maximum potential, the internet blasts all other forms of business out the window.

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How else, or where else could you hit 500 million potential customers with just one click of a button? This is the power that “facebook” and many other mega internet users have today.

You have this very same opportunity. Every time someone comes up with a new great idea and makes millions, and looks as though they have a total market monopoly, someone else comes along and knocks them off their perch.

Before Google there were many search engines, they are still there and still making pots of money, but they are a long way behind Google.

Then there was “my space” and “friends reunited” and “linked in” before some bright young college students came up with an idea to keep students in-touch and we all know about “facebook” even if we don’t use it.

Surely you can come up with a proven money making method as simple as “twitter”. It just created a site where anyone can just take a few seconds to let their friends and the whole world know what they are doing at that moment in time.

It doesn’t sell anything or advertise anything, but it is valued at $10 billion. You know you can come up with an idea as simple as this, can’t you?


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